G20 Thematic Workshop On Nari Shakti

  • Theme of Nari Shakti: Towards Women-led Development.
  • From New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration 2023 (NDLD 2023).
  • Held on 8 November 2023 at New Delhi.
  • Organized by NITI Aayog in collaboration with Institute of What Works to Advance Gender Equality (IWWAGE).

Discussions topics:

  • Strengthening women’s collectives like Self- Help Groups (SHGs), Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).
  • Bridging gender skills gap and promoting women entrepreneurs.
  • Strengthening legal safeguards for women’s empowerment.

Theme on Women in the Economy:

  • Recognizing gender disparity in domestic and care work. 
  • Increasing investment to enable more women to Participate meaningfully in the workforce.
  • Exploring the Potential of gig economy.
  • Bridging gender skill gaps and social security for women.
  • Enhancing policies to create gender inclusive and supportive workplaces.
  • Role of private sector to enhance and retain female workforce.

Theme on women’s collectives:

  • Strengthening SHGs, Women led FPOs and Rural Women’s Leadership Abilities.
  • Strategies to enable these women’s collectives reach the next stage of economic empowerment through formation of large producer enterprises or collectives and fostering leadership abilities among rural women.

Theme on Women and the Future of Work:

  • Bridging Digital and Skilling Gaps for Access to Jobs and Strengthening Women’s Entrepreneurship concentrated on enhancing women’s access to digital skills and infrastructure, prioritizing quality and safety.
  • Ensure a secure and inclusive digital literacy experience, fostering greater participation in the digital ecosystem.

Legal Safeguards for the Empowerment of Women:

  • Creating an enabling ecosystem by prioritizing women’s safety through improved public infrastructure.
  • Strengthening the implementation of gender-friendly laws by effective monitoring.
  • Evaluation and placing accountability system.
  • Developing gender-disaggregated data for more evidence-based policy for women-led development.
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