G20 EWG Meeting Attended By India UN Brazil

  • The meeting, co-chaired by India, Brazil, and South Africa, aims to address labor, employment, and social issues for sustainable, balanced, and job-rich growth. 
  • The focus areas include creating quality employment, promoting decent labor, addressing a just transition amidst digital and energy transformations, leveraging technologies to enhance life quality, and promoting gender equity and diversity in employment. 
  • The Indian delegation emphasized the need for creating inclusive environments and equal representation for all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic background.
  • Significant strides taken by India include enacting the Occupational Safety Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020, amending the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961, aiding migrant workers, promoting the reemployment of senior citizens, and promoting the participation of the differently abled and marginalized. 
  • The e-Shram portal, launched to create a national database of unorganized workers, has registered over 290 million unorganized workers. 
  • India has also taken steps to promote the participation of aged persons in the labor market, and the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, and for traditionally marginalized and vulnerable groups.
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