Form-M Abolished For Kashmiri Migrant Votes

  • The Election Commission of India (ECI) has simplified the Form-M process for displaced Kashmiri migrants in Jammu and Udhampur. 
  • For migrants outside these areas, Form M will continue with a self-attestation certificate, eliminating the need for Gazetted Officer attestation. 
  • The decision was made after a meeting chaired by CEC Shri Rajiv Kumar, along with Election Commissioners Shri Gyanesh Kumar and Dr. Sukhbir Singh Sandhu. 
  • The decision was based on representations from Kashmiri Migrant groups, who expressed difficulties in filling Form-M, a complex process requiring specific documentation and proof of migration status.
  • The scheme allows Kashmiri migrants to vote in person at transitory camps and via postal ballot for the General Election to Lok Sabha, 2024.


Migrant Voting In Jammu and Udhampur 


  • All 22 special polling stations in Jammu and Udhampur will be mapped to individual camps/zones, ensuring every zone has at least one. 
  • If multiple polling stations exist in one zone, the zonal officers will earmark the intra-zonal jurisdiction for each station. 
  • If a zone lacks existing Special Polling Stations, a new one will be proposed by the ARO Migrant in a suitable Government building. 
  • Electoral roll extracts for these Special Polling Stations will be derived from the basic electoral rolls of their respective assembly constituencies. 
  • Draft Electoral Roll Extracts will be notified by the AERO Migrants at Jammu and Udhampur published in newspapers and given wide publicity.
  • Electors must approach the Assistant Returning Officers (Migrant) within 7 days of the notification of the draft electoral roll extract if there is any omission of any eligible name in the draft lists, wishes to opt for voting through postal ballot, or wish to vote at the original polling station in Kashmir valley.
  • After 7 days, the Assistant Returning Officers will notify the final Electoral Roll Extracts for each Special Polling Station and share them with the Returning Officers/Assistant Returning Officers of the respective Constituencies in Kashmir for marking of the Electoral Rolls.
  • To avoid impersonation at the Special Polling Stations, migrant voters must produce either EPIC (voter ID card) or any of the alternate documents prescribed by the Commission for the identification of electors at Polling Stations.
  • Migrants residing outside Jammu and Udhampur can also vote in person or using a postal ballot and download Form-M and Form 12-C from the Commission’s website.
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