DRDO Transfers Anti-Microbial Technology to Textile Manufacturers

  • Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has transferred its anti-microbial technology to three major textile manufacturers: Mafatlal Industries Ltd, Merite Exports Ltd, and Sunil Industries Ltd. 
  • The technology, developed at DRDO’s Defence Research and Development Establishment, aims to suppress harmful microorganisms responsible for hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). 
  • The introduction of anti-microbial hospital linens is a significant step towards improving patient safety and reducing the HAI burden on healthcare systems. 
  • The technology will be integrated into their manufacturing processes, ensuring high-quality anti-microbial hospital linen that meets stringent healthcare standards. 
  • The initiative aligns with DRDO’s mission to leverage its research and development expertise for civilian applications. 
  • The anti-microbial bed sheets developed by DRL are specifically designed for military barracks, retaining their anti-microbial properties even after multiple washes. 
  • The initiative aims to create a safer and healthier environment for patients and healthcare workers.
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