DGTR Recommends AD Duty on NaCN

  • The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) in India has imposed anti-dumping duties on sodium cyanide (NaCN) imports from the European Union, Japan, Korea, and China. 
  • The duties will be valid for five years and apply to sodium cyanide originating in or exported from these countries. 
  • Sodium cyanide is a highly toxic, water-soluble solid with a lethal dose estimated at 150-300 mg. 
  • The anti-dumping probe was initiated on 31st March 2023, following a complaint by Indian Industries, Hindustan Chemical Company, and United Phosphorous Limited (UPL). 
  • The DGTR recommended imposing a definite anti-dumping duty for five years due to evidence of domestic industry injury from these countries’ dumping. 
  • Key findings from the D GTR’s investigation include: 
  • No demand-supply gap, declining import prices, and a significant dumping margin. 
  • Anti-dumping duty addresses unfair pricing practices while countervailing duty addresses government subsidies. 
  • The sunset clause for anti-dumping duty states its validity is five years from the date of imposition, extendable for another five years through a sunset or expiry review investigation.
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