Developing Pump Storage Projects In De-Coaled Mines

  • By the Ministry of Coal.
  • To diversify towards alternative sources of energy.
  • Through pump storage projects, it is planned to utilise solar energy to develop hydro-electricity promoting sustainable development in the coal sector.
  • Aims to harness solar energy during the day and generate hydro-electricity at night.


  • Pumped storage power plants use gravity to generate electricity using water that has previously been pumped from a reservoir in the pit into an upper reservoir at the surface.
  • During periods of low demand, the water is pumped into the higher reservoir.
  • When demand is high, the water is released to drive a turbine in a powerhouse and feed electricity into the grid.
  • Over 200 de-coaled mines with huge land areas are available in coal-producing areas.
  • Many are feasible for PSPs as lower reservoirs, head of water and land are available.
  • Coal India Limited (CIL) has informed that more than 20 abandoned mines have been identified for evaluation and feasibility study for pump storage projects.
  • NLCIL has taken up a feasibility study on PSP.
  • Business models like EPC and PPP may be finalised in consultation with stakeholders.
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