CSIR-IICT, KAMP, and CBSE Collaborate For Teacher Training On Scientific Temperament Enhancement

  • A specialized teacher training program was held at CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, accommodating over 60 educators from diverse schools. 
  • The program aimed to enhance scientific temper through technological interventions. 
  • The event was KAMP’s fourth Continuous Professional Development program in collaboration with CBSE. 
  • The educators engaged in comprehensive training sessions by subject matter experts covering various dimensions of science education. 
  • The educators had the opportunity to interact and learn from various scientists and researchers, including Dr. Aravind Chinchure, Dr. Somdatta Karak, and Dr. Jageedesh. N, Dr. S. Sridhar, and Dr. J. Vatsalarani. 
  • Educators were also taken for a lab visit within the CSIR-IICT premises, learning practical aspects of Anaerobic Gas Lift Reactor Technology, Water Purification Technologies, and Pheromone Technology. 
  • Mr. Aniket Arora, Outreach Coordinator, KAMP, and the entire team praised the event. 
  • KAMP plans to continue the training with online knowledge-sharing sessions, Scientific Excursions, and Continuous Professional Development for educators.
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