Core Loading at India’s First Indigenous FBR in Kalpakkam

  • Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, witnessed the commencement of “Core Loading” at India’s first indigenous Fast Breeder Reactor (500 MWe) at Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu. 
  • The reactor is designed and constructed by BHAVINI, with contributions from over 200 Indian industries, including MSMEs. 
  • The reactor will initially use Uranium-Plutonium Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel, with the Uranium-238 “blanket” surrounding the fuel core to undergo nuclear transmutation. 
  • The use of Throium-232, not a fissile material, is also envisaged in this stage. 
  • The PFBR is an advanced third-generation reactor with inherent passive safety features, ensuring a prompt and safe shutdown of the plant in an emergency. 
  • Despite advanced technology, the capital cost and per unit electricity cost are comparable to other nuclear and conventional power plants. 
  • India remains committed to expanding peaceful applications of nuclear technology, both in the power and non-power sectors, while ensuring the security of nuclear and radiological materials.
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