Communication Ministry Extends M2M and WPAN/WLAN Registration

  • Extended by Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications.
  • The Machine-to- Machine and Wireless Personal Area Network/Wireless Local Area Network registration.
  • For All business entities (incl. Companies, Govt. Depots. /Organizations, Partnership Firms, LLPs, Institutions, Undertakings, Proprietorship Firms, Societies and Trusts) engaged in M2M service and WPAN/WLAN Connectivity Provisioning.
  • They are advised to register with DoT through an online process via SaralSanchar portal.
  • Non-compliance may lead to withdrawal or disconnection of telecom resources obtained from the Authorized Telecom Licensees.
  • To proliferate the standard-based and secure M2M/IoT ecosystem.
  • This addresses the concerns related to interface with Telecom Service Providers KYC, Security, Encryption, etc.
  • It is part of the National Digital Communication Policy.
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