Cochin Shipyard and US Navy Sign MSR Agreement

  • CSL, a government company in Kochi, has signed a non-financial master shipyard repair agreement (MSRA) with the US Navy. 
  • The agreement will allow US Navy vessels in the Indian Ocean region to dock at CSL for repair works. 
  • The agreement is effective from April 5, 2024, and will facilitate the repair of US Naval vessels under Military Sealift Command in CSL. 
  • CSL officials declined to comment on the issue due to Lok Sabha elections but hinted that US Navy personnel had visited the shipyard recently. 
  • The deal is significant as it allows US Navy ships access to an Indian port. 
  • The Indian Navy has denied any involvement in the matter, stating that the agreement confirmation must come from the Union government. 
  • CPM protests against the agreement, arguing it will fuel international tensions and dilute non-alignment policies.
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