Coal Plants to Be Stopped From 2030

  • G7 countries agreed to phase out unabated coal power plants by 2035 but left the door open for countries heavily reliant on coal to breach the deadline. 
  • The agreement marks a key climate milestone for the G7 nations, which had been unable to reach an agreement on phasing out coal after several years of talks. 
  • The document refers to unabated coal, which allows countries to continue burning coal to generate electricity if power plants are fitted with carbon-capture technology. 
  • The agreement also allows countries that are heavily reliant on coal, such as Japan and Germany, to offer a timeline consistent with keeping a limit of 1.5C of global warming above pre-industrial levels. 
  • The agreement has emerged just days after the US Environmental Protection Agency set out new rules that will require coal-fired power plants to either capture nearly all of their climate pollution or shut down before 2040. 
  • Coal makes up 16% of the US electricity system, according to the think-tank Ember.
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