Centre Launches ‘Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023’

  • Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India in collaboration with IIT (BHU).


Deliverables of the Hackathon will be to design & prototype innovative app or software-based solutions such as;

  • browser extensions
  • plugins
  • add-ons
  • Mobile applications etc. That can detect the use, type and scale of dark patterns for e-commerce platforms.


  • Attended by law Institutes, Higher Educational Institutes, experts from national and International Academia, students, various companies and e-commerce platforms in both physical and online modes.
  • Participants are expected to focus on key areas such as; pattern detection accuracy, User-Friendly Extension, Pattern Versioning, Generative AI, Repository Management, Data Collection with Privacy Protection, Crowd-sourced Pattern Identification, Cross-Browser Compatibility, and Artificial Intelligence for Detection and Performance Optimization.
  • Participants will be evaluated on: Innovation, Demonstration of the solution as a turn-key solution, User Interface and User Experience, Accuracy & Reliability, Adherence to Functionalities & Features, Privacy & Compliance etc.


The Hackathon is divided into the following four stages/rounds

  • Round 1- Registration of participant Teams and Host Institutes.
  • Round 2- Intra Institute DPBH 2023 to be organized.
  • Round 2- Intra Institute DPBH 2023 to be organized.
  • Round 4- Distribution of awards and prizes on World Consumer Rights Day.
  • The winners will be rewarded with a Certificate of Achievement and the Prize money in the following order; 1st prize of INR 10 lacs, 2nd prize of INR 5 lacs, 3rd prize of INR 3 lacs, 4th prize of INR 2 lacs and 5th price of INR 1 lac respectively.
  • Objective of the initiative is to provide protection to consumers from all types of unfair trade practices.
  • Department had published draft Guidelines for Prevention and Regulation of Dark Patterns on 07.09.2023.
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