Cabinet Approves MoU between India and US

  • Approved by the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between India and United States for International Development/India (USAID/India) on June 14, 2023.
  • For supporting Indian Railways to achieve Mission Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2030.
  • For a five-year period 
  • This does not involve any financial commitment from Indian Railway


  • A platform for Indian Railways to interact and share the latest developments and knowledge in the railway sector.
  • Utility modernization, advanced energy solutions and systems.
  • Regional energy and market integration.
  • Private sector participation and engagement.
  • Training and seminars/workshops focusing on specific technology areas like Renewable Energy and energy efficiency.
  • Reduce dependence on imported fuels such as Diesel and coal.
  • Deployment of Renewable Energy (RE) plants will give a fillip to RE technology.
  • Development of local ecosystem.

Key Activity Areas:

  • Long-term energy planning including clean energy for Indian Railways.
  • Develop an Energy Efficiency Policy and Action Plan for Indian Railway Buildings.
  • Planning for clean energy procurement to achieve Indian Railway’s net-zero vision.
  • Technical support for addressing regulatory and implementation barriers.
  • Bid design and bid management support for system-friendly, large-scale renewable procurement.
  • Supporting Indian Railways in the promotion of e-mobility.
  • Collaboratively host events, conferences, and capacity-building programs in the mentioned identified areas.
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