Ban On Off the Shelf and E-Commerce Sale of Hearing Aids

  • In a case filed by the Secretary, Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association (ISHA) against an e-Commerce venture namely, India Mart Inter Mesh Ltd.
  • Over indiscrete sale of hearing aids using their App or online platform.
  • Inherent risk and at times irreparable damage to the persons with hearing impairment who without professional consultancy from the prescribed field experts procure and use the instruments.
  • Before a hearing aid is identified and purchased, the user has to go through testing and obtain a prescription from the professional and only after their recommendations based on the needs of the patient, a hearing aid can be given.
  • The CCPD Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities directed to remove all listing/advertisement related to hearing aids from the website of the India Mart till it sets up a proper process of screening by the subject professionals and submits the compliance within three months.
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