AI Cloud to Come Up With TCS and AWS Partnership

  • TCS has launched its AWS GenAI practice to help customers harness the full potential of AI and AWS generative AI services. 
  • TCS has invested in foundation training of over 100,000 employees on generative AI and is now focusing on deepening their expertise further, including certification of over 25,000 employees on AWS generative AI services. 
  • The practice will help enterprises choose and quickly scale the right solutions for their unique business needs and transform their organizations, using AWS services such as Amazon Bedrock. 
  • TCS’ consultants will help clients explore the most impactful use cases in their business context, experiment collaboratively, and co-innovate generative AI-powered solutions. 
  • The co-innovation can take place at TCS Pace Ports™, the company’s innovation and research hubs located in major city hubs including New York, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. 
  • TCS offers a comprehensive portfolio of generative AI services and solutions including consulting and advisory, solution design and prototyping, large language model training and fine-tuning, guardrail agent design, project delivery, and ongoing maintenance.
  • TCS’ AWS generative AI practice will use that technology to help customers uncover and classify organizational knowledge and abstract out insights that optimize their business decision-making or create content. 
  • To drive up the productivity of its clients’ IT organizations, TCS will help them deploy Amazon Code Whisperer to provide generative AI-powered code recommendations to developers directly.
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