Agriculture Session at Abu Dhabi WTO Meeting

  • India argues for a permanent solution to Public Stockholding (PSH) at the ongoing Ministerial Conference-13. 
  • The issue has been pending for 11 years, with three mandates from the Bali Ministerial of 2013, the General Council decision of 2014, and the Nairobi Ministerial decision of 2015. 
  • India emphasizes the need for a permanent solution to PSH to ensure food security and livelihood for people, not just exporting countries. 
  • Over 80 countries, representing over 61% of the world’s population, have co-sponsored a proposal on this subject. 
  • India cites significant differences in per-farmer domestic support provided by different countries, highlighting the need for a level playing field in international agriculture trade. 
  • India advocates for a sequential approach to reform, starting with delivering a permanent solution to PSH, protecting the Treaty-embedded Special and Differential Treatment provision, and eliminating subsidies for countries providing massive per capita subsidies.
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