Acquisition of Stake in Signet Excipients by IMCD

  • Approved by the Competition Commission of India.
  • Acquisition of the remaining 30% equity stake in Signet Excipients Private Limited by IMCD India Private Limited.

Signet Excipients Private Limited:

  • Jointly controlled by IMCD and its promoters.

IMCD India Private Limited:

  • An indirect wholly owned subsidiary of IMCD N.V.
  • It is located in Mumbai, India.
  • It is a Dutch entity and has a presence across various jurisdictions.
  • It is engaged in selling, marketing, and distributing speciality chemicals, including food and pharma ingredients in the Indian market.
  • product segments: (i) Pharmaceutical Excipients; (ii) Food and Nutrition Ingredients and Excipients; (iii) Coatings and Construction chemicals; (iv) Advanced Materials (Plastic Additives and  Composites); (v) Lubricants and Fuels chemicals and additives; (vi) Textile chemicals and additives; and (vii) Beauty and Personal Care ingredients.
  • It has no presence outside of India, except for exports in the Indian subcontinent and Africa.
  • It is engaged in the business of sales, marketing, distributing, importing, or exporting of excipients.
  • These excipients are used for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biotech, food, API products, and other related pharmaceutical products.
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