69th & 70th Capacity Building Programs for Bangladeshi Civil servants

  • The National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG) initiated the 69th and 70th batches of capacity-building programs for Bangladeshi civil servants. 
  • The program, aimed at enhancing the capacity of 1,800 civil servants by 2025, was developed in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh and the Indian High Commission. 
  • The program focuses on Land Management Practices, Land Acquisition, Digitization of Land Records, Land use planning, and other areas of expertise. 
  • The program aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and innovations implemented in India to enhance governance and public service delivery. 
  • The program has trained civil servants from 17 countries, including Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia, Seychelles, Gambia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal Bhutan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Eretria, and Cambodia.
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